Jawad “Mecka” Fayiz (September 14, 1989), is an American rapper, singer and record producer. In 2012, Fayiz gained much acclaim and recognition upon performing his original compositions as a featured artist on the national Poetic Vision Tour. To date, he has toured several cities throughout the United States and Canada as an independent artist. His most notable work comprises of two albums, Sweet Dream Animations (2012) and Agnosia (2014).

Fayiz began his career as a recording artist, songwriter, and producer for the hip-hop duo D-Clique, eventually branching off as a solo artist. The themes of most of Fayiz’s songs revolve around the emergence of a twenty-first-century Muslim-American identity, injustice and oppression, and many other social issues. Both of his parents, and several of his family members are displaced natives of Afghanistan, whose ideals and adversities are also reflected in his songs.

Fayiz was born on September 14, 1989, in Tampa, FL, the third youngest of eleven children. In 1985, his mother and father emigrated to the United States as refugees during the Soviet-Afghan war. He has Turkic and Mongolian ancestry. Fayiz received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology in Tampa, FL where he had his first experiences as a writer. At the age of 12, Fayiz became a published poet when he won a school wide competition to be featured in a national anthology of middle school poetry. As a child, he would write and perform his lyrical poetry in hopes of one day uniting the world with his music.